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Clinica Lubricating Jelly®

Clinica Lubricating Jelly®

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Clinica Lubricating Jelly®

Clinica Lubricating Jelly – is a universal sterile lubricant recommended for gynaecological examinations, digital and instrument examinations, insertion of catheters and general medical procedures where a lubricant is required.  This product is water-soluble, greaseless, transparent and odourless.  Clinica Lubricating Jelly is sterile until the seal is broken.

Our products are not tested on animals and have no animal extracts in them.

They contain no harmful products, e.g. Hydroquinone, bleaching agents or ingredients, which would hydrolyse on the skin – “turn into hydroquinone via a chemical reaction”.

The active ingredients in our products are herbal extracts and are not synthetic in nature. 

Size: 50ml/100ml

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